What I'm Reading

Long before I became a writer, I was a reader, so I’ve always got a bookmark in a novel or research book, often both! Right now, here’s what keeping me educated and entertained.

Harry Potter Film Wizardry
by Brian Sibley

For anyone who loves the Harry Potter movies (I do!) and adores the books (I REALLY do!) this is a fabulous treat that talks about the creation and production of the films, the actors, the props, nearly everything to do with the JK Rowling’s wizarding world on film. Absolutely magical!

Faery Tale
by Signe Pike

Beautifully written and intriguing. A wonderful, magical journey in search of the truth about faeries. This book has special meaning to me since it is authored by my friend and former assistant editor, who has turned her exceptional talents to writing.

Georgian Jewellery 1714-1830
by Ginny Redington Davies with Olivia Collings

If you love Georgian jewelry and want to know more, this book is a must read. Dazzling reference with beautiful photography of period gemstones and settings. My Regency heroines would approve.


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